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(Los Angeles, California – May 28, 2013) The first Wellness Fitness Program facilitated by Los Angeles Airport Police Training and Recruitment Officer Cipriano Montes, sponsored by Los Angeles World Airports Risk Management, Human Resources and Airport Police divisions, will conclude classes. Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) employees from all divisions were given the opportunity to participate in a wellness program that focuses on enhancing personal health to improve workplace productivity. The first group of employees participating in the program will have their last workout at Dockweiler Beach on May 29, 2013, at 4 p.m.

The Wellness Fitness Program was inspired and initiated by Officer Montes and approved by his supervisor, Sergeant Daniel Romo. Airport Police Chief Patrick Gannon, who participates in the program, said, “Like many people, I know the advantages of regular exercise and proper eating habits. However, I have spent a lifetime being inconsistent in practicing what I know to be true.” He added, “Since becoming LAWA police chief, I have taken advantage of our wellness program and I am motivated about taking care of myself to the best of my ability. I would encourage everyone at LAWA to do the same and to take advantage of this great program.”

Risk Management and Human Resources approvals were critical and necessary. LAWA Nurse Teresa Acuna recommended necessary measures to ensure the safest and healthiest program available for LAWA employees. Human Resources Director Paula Adams said, “When Airport Police Officer Montes shared his vision for a wellness program, it was very natural and easy to lend HR’s full support.

The benefit of having a healthy LAWA workforce is the potential increased productivity and reduction in sick time. We have had significant positive feedback from employees enrolled in the LAWA Wellness Fitness Program.”

Juan Carlos Rodriguez works in construction and maintenance for LAWA, he is a current member of the program and is so happy with the results…”This workout program is formidable, I don’t know why this wasn’t done earlier. I love it and I want to continue. I want to encourage everyone to do it.”

The program begins with a one-week orientation which includes nutritional education, exercise techniques to prevent or reduce injuries and a voluntary submission to get a health check-up for weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.

The following six weeks covers physical training in two weekly 50-minute sessions conducted by Officer Montes. He holds six sessions a week providing training both in the mornings and evenings to accommodate the almost 100 participants in the first set of workout sessions.

At the end of the six weeks, the participants do a final evaluation to determine progress and receive a certificate of completion. After a two-week break, the participants are able to submit their names again to start another six- week program.

All LAWA employees are encouraged to participate. The next LAWA Wellness Program will begin June 17, 2013. Applications will be accepted May 28 - 31 at 7301 World Way West and/or at 1 World Way. Names will be selected randomly to give everyone an equal opportunity to be chosen. All training is conducted at the new Airport Police Training Facility located at 5520 Arbor Vitae, Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Airport Police Division is the nation's premier aviation law-enforcement agency with over 1,100 specially trained police officers, security officers, and civilian staff protecting Los Angeles International, Ontario International, and Van Nuys airports.

Wellness Program  

  • Monique F. Atkinson
  • Stacey Nelson
  • Darlene Fuller
  • Janon Smith
  • Sasheen Cooper
  • Frank Koehler
  • Kelvin Jones
  • Terrell Hayward
  • Roderick Merrick
  • Jose Bejar
  • Juan C. Rodriguez
  • Sharon Sauls
  • Beverly Ugalde
  • Teresa Acuna
  • Andrea Bers
  • Dawn Davis
  • Donna Erie
  • Gloria Shaw
  • Cynthia Hemsley
  • Therese Sweeney
  • Lidia Vaiz
  • Erick Bell
  • Erika Carrillo
  • Joyce Huffman
  • Cynthia Alexander
  • Vanessa Guzman
  • Korey Holmes
  • Eileen Reed
  • Sylvia Allen
  • Laura Chittum
  • Vyione Wells
  • Tammie Crayon
  • Roslyn Orellana
  • Tracy Bradley
  • Lisa Benmoin
  • Debbie Mingo
  • Shirnee Cross
  • Nikia Thomas*
  • Rosa Brice
  • Sharlene Gonzalez
  • Lisa Fondjo
  • Inez Wade
  • Chandra Flemister
  • April Clark
  • Latisha Swader
  • Andre M. Coney
  • Cheryl Moore
  • Ana Lopez
  • Aprile Benjamin
  • Charlene Waters
  • Juan Francisco
  • Latoya Martin
  • Anastasia Williams
  • Gayle Hoeven
  • Maria Iniguez
  • Danielle Jennings
  • Stephan Goff
  • Monica Bickerstaff
  • Latricia Jones
  • Sophia Mackey-Carzan
  • Eric Strauch
  • Ericka Holliday
  • Adela Lopez

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