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     (Los Angeles, California - September 19, 2013) A multi-agency law enforcement operation conducted today at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) resulted in one commercial ground transportation vehicle removed from service, 42 citations issued to drivers for administrative and mechanical violations and two drivers removed from service. "This operation is part of a proactive approach by Los Angeles Airport Police and our partner agencies to provide the traveling public with safe commercial transportation to and from LAX," said Los Angeles Airport Police Chief Patrick Gannon. He added, "Air travelers rely heavily on commercial ground transportation services, and it's important to ensure these providers are complying with all laws."

     Over 40 representatives from the Los Angeles Airport Police Commercial Enforcement and Motors units, the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC), the LAX Airport Operations Ground Transportation Section, and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) conducted their inspections starting at 8:30 a.m. Inspections were conducted at three locations: Limousine Holding Lot (intersection of Westchester Parkway and Jenny Street); LAX Parking Lot F (intersection of Avion Drive and Century Boulevard) and the upper/Departures Level on the east end of Terminal 7. A total of 359 door-to-door shuttle vans, limousines and buses were inspected during the four-hour operation.

     The multi-agency team focused on proper driver and vehicle licenses, transponders, PUC and airport operating permits, and proper commercial insurance. Los Angeles Airport Police officers and CHP inspectors concentrated on mechanical equipment including brakes, seat belts, tires, headlights and safety systems that are required to be in good working order and other law-enforcement-related issues. Of the 359 vehicles inspected, one vehicle was taken out of service for a licensing permit violation.

     Thirteen drivers were issued Personal Service Citations for misdemeanor violations. Another 39 drivers were cited for administrative violations, including serious mechanical problems, improper insurance, driving with an out-of-class license, and invalid or no PUC permits. Fines for these citations vary, and the drivers must show proof of correction before they can resume for-hire operation. In addition, 5 warnings by CHP and 147 observation reports were issued by the PUC.

     The Los Angeles Airport Police Division is the nation's premier aviation law enforcement agency with over 1,100 specially trained police officers, security officers, and civilian staff protecting Los Angeles International (LAX), LA/Ontario International (ONT), and Van Nuys (VNY) airports.


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