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Contractor Responsibility Program Questionnaire Respondents

Below is a list of respondents to LAWA's Requests for Bids and Requests for Proposals who are required to submit a Questionnaire pursuant to the Contractor Responsibility Program.

Questionnaires submitted by Bidders/Proposers are available for public review and comment at Procurement Services Division, 7301 World Way West, Los Angeles, during the dates indicated below. To schedule an appointment for review, please contact the Procurement Services Division at (424) 646-5380.

Project NameBid NumberCompany NameAdressReview Start DateReview End Date
Purchase&Installation of Glass&Mirrors Re-Bid115-038A to Z Glass and Mirror, Inc.5821 E. BeverlyBlvd, LosAngeles, CA900226/22/20157/6/2015
Lease at 1800 East Airport Drive at ONT7194SOCAL MRO, LLC4392 Bridgeway Street, Irvine, CA 926046/24/20157/8/2015
Lease with AMB Partners II LAX7345AMB Partners II LAX, LLC17777 CenterCourtDr,N.,STE100,Cerritos,CA907036/25/20157/9/2015
Solar Feasibility Study10039776Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc.77 S. Bedford Street,STE120, Burlington, MA018036/26/20157/10/2015
Solar Feasibility Study1009776Parsons Environment & Infrastructure Group100 W. Walnut Street, Pasadena,CA 911246/26/20157/10/2015
Solar Feasibility Study10039776WorleyParsons2330 E. BidwellST,STE150, Folsom, CA 956306/26/20157/10/2015
Joining Houston Contract with Motorola Solutions10040220Motorola Solutions, Inc.725 S. FigueroaST,STE1855,LosAngeles,CA900177/2/20157/16/2015
Solar Feasibility Study10039776TRC Corporations, Inc.707 WilshireBlvd,STE3250,LosAngeles,CA900176/26/20157/10/2015
Solar Feasibility Study10039776Lean Photometrics, LLC dba Lean Engineering17752 Mitchell N,STE C, Irvine,CA926146/26/20157/10/2015
Solar Feasibility Study10039776IEC Corporation8795 FolsomBlvd,STE205, Sacramento,CA 958266/26/20157/10/2015
Certified Service Provider License Agreement Independent Cargo Security Screening6040 Avion Drive, Los Angeles, CA 900456/30/20157/14/2015
Solar Feasibility Study10039776ARC Alternatives144 Donald Drive, Moraga, CA 945566/26/20157/10/2015
Certified Service Provider License Agreement Worldwide Express Inc.440 Hindry Ave, Inglewood, CA 903017/2/20157/16/2015
Solar Feasibility Study10039776Hatch Mott MacDonald, LLC6151 W. CenturyBlvd,STE800, LosAngeles,CA900456/26/20157/10/2015


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