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Debbie Bowers, Deputy Executive Director, Commercial Development

Denise Sample, Managing Director

Main Phone Number: (424) 646-7200

Who to contact if you want to find out about…

  1. Leasing existing facilities or developing something new on LAWA-owned property at LAX, VNY or Palmdale
    Ramon Olivares
  2. Opening a concession or leasing space in an airport terminals
    Dave Jones

  3. Current hangar, cargo, airline service or other leases on the airfield at LAX
    Baljit Nadler

  4. A current lease off the airfield at LAX or a lease at Palmdale
    Vivian Howell

  5. A current lease at VNY that is not in a terminal
    Monica Milos

  6. Parking and ground transportation (shuttles, limos) at any airport
    Marisa Katnich

  7. Management of current leases
    Ted Maslin


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6053 W. Century Blvd., 4th Flr., Los Angeles, CA 90045-6430
Phone: (424) 646-7200
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