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The Design and Construction Handbook establishes broad design and construction guidelines for all infrastructure, terminal buildings, renovations, and other public facilities owned, operated, or maintained by Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), including LAX, VNY, and LA/ONT airports (referred to as "Airport").  Additionally, it serves as a roadmap and reference guide for design teams that have been contracted to provide design services at the Airport.  The issues highlighted in this guide are important to the Airport and provide help navigating the regulatory process as well as obtaining LAWA review and approval.  The ultimate goal of this guide is to help you meet the Airport's expectations for what is built, how it is built, and how it will operate after construction is complete.  Click link below to view the Handbook.

Design and Construction Handbook (June 2015)

Bradley West Concessions Design Guidelines (May 2011)


Design & Construction Handbook (Jun. 2011)   

Design & Construction Handbook (May 2012)   

Design & Construction Handbook (Nov 2012)   

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