LA/ONTario -- The Facts

This webpage, "LA/ONTario -- The Facts" presents the central questions about which there has been considerable discussion, and media reports examining the underlying reasons for passenger declines at ONT and more. For each of the questions, we have provided answers grounded in facts. While we do not expect that this information will end debate about the future of ONT, we hope it will add to the quality of data that frames this debate.

Our commitment has, over the past 47 years, propelled ONT from obscurity to prominence. While the airport has felt the impact of changes in commercial aviation's reaction to the recent national and regional recession, LAWA is positioning ONT today to prosper upon the Inland Empire's return to economic vitality. During the first five months of 2014, passenger traffic is up approximately 0.74% compared to the same period in 2013. This increase in passenger activity is occurring because the flights serving ONT are at or near aircraft capacity. International traffic (Mexico) is up over 75% and is the result of a strong foreign market between ONT and Guadalajara, Mexico. ONT now has two carriers serving Mexico - AeroMexico and Volaris. While these are positive signs, LAWA remains careful to keep ONT positioned to accept more traffic over time and is continuing efforts and initiatives for a successful ONT. These include regular meetings with existing and potential airlines, creative air service marketing aimed at showcasing ONT's strengths, and building partnerships with external stakeholders wherever possible.

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