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Public Relations

Public Relations Division
Skyview Tower
6053 W Century Blvd
Suite 603
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Phone:  (424) 646-5260
Facsimile:  (424) 646-9207

Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time
and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time

Mission Statement 

The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Public Relations Division establishes and maintains effective communications with the traveling public, news media, the travel and tourism industry, and other stakeholder audiences regarding the policies, procedures, services, operations, developments and future plans of LAWA and LAX.

Through its activities, the division fosters effective media relations with nearly 2,000 registered local, national and international general news media -- as well as media representing stakeholder industries including travel/tourism, environmental, aviation/airport, international trade, and construction/engineering/architecture – through timely and accurate responses to requests for stories, information, photography, videography, images and graphics, etc. on LAWA and LAX topics.

The division also establishes and retains relationships with more than 50 local travel/tourism organizations such as chambers of commerce, convention & tourism bureaus, major tourist sites, airlines, hotel associations, federal agencies involved with air travel, etc. to extend its reach to stakeholder audiences through their respective PR operations.

The division focuses on the following areas:

  • Execution of on-going passenger services communications that include: special events on topics of interest to travelers; travelers aids in English and several foreign languages such as LAX Travelers Guide, Smart Travelers Tips, LAX Guide for Travelers With Disabilities, and LAX Connection monthly on-line newsletter; outreach to thousands of prospective travelers at community events and travel-industry tradeshows; and management of a multi-faceted social media program.
    • Promotion of LAX’s initiatives to improve customer service, food-and-beverage and retail offerings, business and telecommunications services, public art, and other passenger amenities and conveniences.
    • Promotion of the traveling public’s role as a partner with LAX-wide tenants, agencies and LAWA personnel in ensuring the public’s safety and security while at LAX.
  • Execution of on-going LAX Capital Improvements Program (CIP) communications that include:  special events to commemorate construction ground-breaking, milestones, and completion; publication and on-line postings of quarterly LAX CIP newsletter; production of individual project fact sheets; briefings/tours to media and travel-tourism organizations; and on-going distribution of public advisories posted on-line through LAX's website and social media sites and sent to media to announce vehicular and pedestrian traffic impacts from construction.
    • Promotion of LAX as an important part of the commercial passenger and cargo transportation infrastructure for the Southern California region, the state, the nation,  and the world.
    • Promotion of LAX as a major economic engine of the Southern California regional economy with additional impacts in jobs creation generated by the multi-billion-dollar LAX modernization program.
  • Execution of an on-going environmental communications program to demonstrate LAX’s commitment to becoming a sustainable "green" airport.  Public Relations staff exhibits at environmental events and forums; prepares case histories and media story placements to show how LAX is a leader among U.S. airports using the latest techniques, methods and technologies in source reduction and recycling, alternative-fuel vehicles, water and energy conservation, air quality, and noise management.
    • Expansion of ridership on the LAX FlyAway® bus network and LAWA Rideshare – elements of LAWA's air-quality mitigation and management program – through the use of publicity and travel-industry and community outreach events. 
  • Execution of timely, effective crisis communications during airport emergencies through cooperation with airline tenants and other city, state and federal agencies following national guidelines for public-information operations during critical incidences. 
  • Execution of limited LAWA employee communications that support organizational goals, including publication and on-line posting of monthly Aerogramme, daily media reports for LAWA executives, and postings on Inside LAWA.

The division reaches a variety of audiences: 

  • General news media at local, state, national and international levels
  • Traveling public in local, national and international markets
  • Travel/tourism industry
  • Tenants (airlines, concessionaires, agencies), their contractors, and other airport-wide employees through communications support for initiatives conducted by LAX Airport Operations' Customer Service Division
  • Environmental industry
  • Commercial aviation (airline and airport) industry
  • Neighborhood communities through communications support for initiatives conducted by LAX  Community Relations Division
  • Airport-area businesses and international trade organizations through communications support for initiatives conducted by LAWA Business & Job Resources Center
  • National financial investment communities that provide funding for LAX capital improvement projects
  • LAWA employees through communications support for employee initiatives conducted by LAWA staffs in Project LIFToff and Human Resources Division
  • Elected officials and their staffs through communications support for initiatives conducted by LAWA Government Affairs Division

The division uses a variety of communications tools in its programs, including:

  • News releases, media advisories, traffic advisories, fact sheets, print and electronic press kits, etc.
  • Printed and on-line publications including brochures, flyers, newsletters, fact sheets, press kits, etc. Click here to subscribe to LAX Connection (monthly) and/or LAX Capital Improvements (quarterly) newsletters
  • News conferences, special events, presentations, briefings and tours
  • Subject-matter videos, DVDs, and media B-roll (current and archival)
  • Digital and film (archival) photography
  • Electronic and printed graphics, including renderings, layouts, maps, etc.
  • Internet websites and social media sites, including:

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